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Preparation for Trinity College London's ESOL (English for speakers of other languages) Examinations

A comprehensive programme specifically designed to improve your child's overall English performance.

The course is designed as a series of enjoyable and stimulating activities, practical tasks, language development games and exercises that provide your child with plenty of opportunities to practise daily language in various contexts, and to consolidate his/her listening and speaking skills, and as applicable his/her reading and writing skills, naturally and efficiently.

Depending on the exam (GESE - spoken English or ISE - four language skills), your child will:

  • develop his/her overall competence and increase his/her fluency in conversational skills (GESE);
  • develop in depth his/her language skills - listening, speaking, reading and writing (ISE);
  • become familiar with the examination structure;
  • boost his/her self-confidence.

The aim is to help your child to deliver his/her very best on the big day.