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Drama Workshop

Drama is a fantastic tool to enhance learning and language development. Participation in drama has the potential to develop language and communication abilities, problem-solving skills, to stimulate creativity and to promote a positive self-esteem. By combining English language with drama, this programme aims to boost your child's desire to communicate in more expressive ways, enhancing your child's English skills in the process.

Depending on the age group of the class, this particular course incorporates different forms of drama: acting out a simple story, using puppetry, role-plays, reciting and dramatising poetry, improvisation, or actually acting out plays.

During this course, your child will:

  • practise his/her French in different contexts and learn correct pronunciation, rhythm, stress and intonation;
  • develop the use of his/her voice;
  • develop body and personal expression;
  • stimulate his/her imagination and creativity;
  • develop his/her interaction and communication skills;
  • get used to speaking and performing in front of others;
  • build self-esteem and confidence;
  • enhance his/her concentration and memory - skills which will become very helpful with his/her regular school studies.

Your child will also learn how to create dialogues; dramatise a story; create stage scenery; design costumes; build props; and much, more...

The programme also includes regular performances in front of parents building up to an end of term / end of year show.

A fantastic course offering your child the opportunity to develop his/her language skills while also discovering the exciting world of theatre!