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Creative Writing (Writing Skills Enhancement)

A lively approach to developing writing skills. The aim is to develop your child’s interests andabilities in written English, and to encourage him/her to exercise his/her imagination and creativity.

According to his/her level, your child will:

  • expand his/her vocabulary and grammar accuracy;
  • exercise his/her imagination;
  • learn tips for creating interesting story settings, characters and plots;
  • practise putting his/her thoughts and ideas down in writing with clarity;
  • discover how to use the words correctly so as to add colour, movement and feeling to a story;
  • explore the different styles of writing such as narrative and dialogue, amongst others
  • develop writing techniques, including proper writing structure as the course guides him/her from proper sentence construction to paragraph composition through to writing essays and stories.

This course also includes computer work to help your child better present and illustrate his/her stories, and create his/her composition portfolio.

Upon completion of these courses, and according to his/her level, your child may choose to sit for one of the Trinity College International English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) examinations.