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English Reading and Comprehension

Reading will expand your child's general knowledge and awareness; nurture his/her imagination; encourage his/her creative thinking; and can even influence the structural development of his/her brain.

To fully profit from all these benefits, it is important that your child first discovers that reading is not a compulsory task simply aimed at improving academic success, but rather an enjoyable and exciting leisure activity.

Our reading & comprehension programme uses a mix of interesting and enjoyable stories that appeal to young learners. The focus is on reading short stories followed by a variety of fun activities and enjoyable exercises. The stories are fun, full of action, adventure, fascinating characters, and exciting plots that will captivate your child's imagination and inspire an appetite for reading.

Each story includes pre-reading tasks, a list of vocabulary to learn and explore, and exciting project ideas.

During this course, your child will:

  • increase his/her reading speed;
  • develop his/her reading and comprehension skills;
  • enrich his/her vocabulary;
  • gain a better understanding of grammar ;
  • improve his/her spelling and general literacy skills;
  • expand his/her general knowledge and awareness;
  • gain a lifelong love of reading and become an avid reader.

Classes make extensive use of the 'Oxford Reading Tree' scheme, and each week your child will be provided with a book to take home and enjoy.