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Moms & Tots (18 months +)

Toddlers are terrific learners, with an amazing amount of energy and an eagerness to try new things.
This is a stimulating, fun-filled programme where little ones play, learn and explore whilst simultaneously enhancing their blossoming balance, co-ordination and gross motor skills. Classes offer structured age-appropriate activities based on the latest research in child neuro-physiological development.


During this course, your child will:       

  • Develop physical awareness: becoming more aware of their body as they grow is a crucial component of movement development in children. Through fun activities and games which emphasise identifying body parts and how they work, your child will learn how to move his/her body in different physical situations and develop better body awareness;
  • Enhance his/her gross motor skills and develop balance: by playing fun games that include specific actions and movements, your child will develop flexibility, agility, endurance, muscle strength and gain greater bodily control;
  • Develop a love of physical activityand a sense of pride in his/her achievements: by crawling, sliding, jumping/landing, rolling, climbing... in a nurturing environment where he/she feels physically and mentally secure, your child will develop physical agility while having lots of fun. As his/her natural abilities grow, he/she will become more confident and enjoy it more and more;
  • Develop spatial awareness, orientation and coordination, including hand/foot and eye coordination: through movement and exploration your child will develop spatial concepts such as a sense of distance, location of an object...
  • Develop social interaction: by singing, dancing and moving; enjoying group games and other fun activities with his/her classmates, your child will learn to do things with others and make new friends.